Alex Spencer Wins Sky Poker UKPC

Alex Spencer Wins Sky Poker UKPC

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sky Poker's UK Poker Championships came to a glittering conclusion last night after Alex Spencer overcame a stellar field to clinch the title and £125,000.

After starting the finale with the chip lead, Doncaster's Spencer was able to hold his nerve whilst those around him lost theirs. Despite being one of the most experienced players in the final session, Chaz Chattha couldn't finish any better than sixth place after running into James Rimmer's pocket sevens.

Having virtually committed himself with an opening raises with A-5, Chattha eventually called Rimmer's all-in but wasn't able to catch a slice of luck as the board rolled out K-8-6-J-2.

After seeing off Chattha, Rimmer was able to take the chip lead and watch as Steven Sargent hit the rail in fifth place. However, after a massive confrontation with Spencer, Rimmer not only surrendered the chip lead but his place in the tournament.

With the former leader now all-out in 4th place, it was Spencer who took control by first eliminating Paul Delaney in 3rd and then taking Danny Blair's stack.

The final hand saw Blair move all-in for a handful of chips and receive an instant call from Spencer. When the hands were revealed it was Blair in the lead with pocket queens over Spencer's K-3; however, as the board ran out: K-T-5-K-6 the pot was pushed towards a jubilant Spencer who was able to celebrate his first live title, a prize package to the WSOP and £125,000.

Sky Poker UK Poker Championship Final Result:
1st. Alex Spencer - £125,000
2nd. Danny Blair - £75,000
3rd. Paul Delaney - £50,000
4th. James Rimmer -£37,500
5th. Steven Sargent - £28,000
6th. Chaz Chattha - £21,000

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