Alex Komaromi wins PokerStars LAPT Punta del Este for $245k

Alex Komaromi wins PokerStars LAPT Punta del Este for $245k

Monday, 8 August 2011

The first LAPT event of the season to be held in Uruguay turned out to be a special one for the country, marking the first time that their own flag had been lifted on home soil as a victory celebration at the PokerStars LAPT.

Alex Komaromi, Uruguayan poker pro, beat a field of 422 to take down a first prize of $245,000.

The Punta del Este final of LAPT season four was dominated by Latin American winners with the final table representing players from Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. The latter saw their players exit in ninth, eighth, seventh and sixth as the Poker Gods decided to cool the decks for the Brazilians (perhaps to balance out the Universe after Andre Akkari’s WSOP bracelet win).

Komaromi went heads-up against Argentinean Claudio Piedrabuena for the title with a 7-1 chip lead and all the signs pointed to a quick defeat for the eventual runner-up. He instead ground his way back up to less than a 2-1 deficit with a combination of all-ins and pre-flop overbets before holding with T-T against A-J, taking the chip lead in a sterling comeback that was fated to last just one hand. The very next hand, Piedrabuena got it all-in with A-T only to be shown A-K and plummet back down to a 7-1 deficit.

In the final hand, Piedrabuena called a check-raise all-in on the turn of a 4-7-K-J board holding K-T for top pair with a flush draw. Komaromi had turned the superior two pair with J-4 but had to avoid clubs, kings, tens and sevens to hold up. The 2d river was the blankest of blanks and ended the tournament.

The full final table payouts were as follows:

1. Alex Komaromi $244,720

2. Claudio Piedrabuena $141,220

3. Engleberth Moreno $88,970

4. Carlos Watanabe $65,430

5. Felipe Pasini $46,600

6. Nelson Neto $37,190

7. Fernando Araujo $27,770

8. Rafael Monteiro $18,360

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