Aleksandar the great triumphs in Barcelona

Aleksandar the great triumphs in Barcelona

Monday, 1 August 2011

Aleksandar Abutovic has won the latest leg of the Paradise Poker Tour at the Gran Casino in Barcelona. Abutovic pocketed €27,000 for the win, his biggest cash to date, but that didn't make him the biggest winner in the Catalan capital this weekend.

That honour went to Jose Maria Felices who bagged an extra grand after the pair agreed to a chop when play went heads up. It also gave rise to an unlikely final hand which saw Abutovic's pocket jacks go up against Felices' 34o! The jacks held up to give Abutovic the win.

1 Aleksandar Abutovic €27,000
2 Jose Maria Felices €28,000
3 Pawel Jaskolski €20,000
4 David Motoro €12,000
5 Piotr Gajdecki €9,500
6 Dimitar Dimitrov €7,500
7 Olof Haglund €5,700
8 Javier Cruz €4,500
9 Juan Sabatas €3,500

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