Ageless Brunson racks up the wins

Ageless Brunson racks up the wins

Monday, 13 February 2012

Doyle Brunson has started blogging again and as well as sharing his thoughts on the US Presidential race (he likes Ron Paul) and the Nevada climate (it's getting warmer), Dolly has been bringing us up to date on the big Las Vegas cash games.

According to the blog, while not hitting the heights of the pre-Black Friday economy, the games currently running aren't too shabby reaching “3 hundred six hundred at the Aria and 6 hundred twelve hundred at the Bellagio with the stakes going a little higher sometimes.”

Age hasn't proved an impediment to success either with the 80-year-old Brunson putting in “8-12 hours each time” and winning on 14 out the last 15 occasions despite having high blood pressure.

Brunson Tweeted that we can expect more blog updates in the near future with the next featuring his take on Full Tilt and their problems.

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