Adrien Allain Wins APT Main Event from $5 Satellite

Adrien Allain Wins APT Main Event from $5 Satellite

Monday, 24 August 2009

Adrien Allain, who probably needs a poker nickname such as “All-In Allain”, has won the 2009 Asian Poker Tour Macau festival Main Event, winning over $3m which works out as just under a quarter of a million pounds.

“I’m overwhelmed, this is so wonderful,” said Adrien, who has only recently embarked on a professional poker career. “I qualified for this tournament through a $5 lottery tournament on PKR and end up beating all these top players. Vive La France!”

Allain beat a final table that included poker pack star JC Tran, as well as David Steicke who had put in an impressive performance in the tournament, winning the high roller event. Previously, Allain’s largest tournament win was online for $8,000. He says he plans to use this money to further his poker career.

The world’s leading tournament director, Matt Savage, called for a shuffle up and deal and immediately the action at the nine-handed final table was fast and furious with five shortstacks eager to double up. Casey Kastle was the first to leave, having made it an unprecedented three consecutive APT final tables.

JC Tran was the biggest threat at the table but the Frenchman successfully dominated proceedings with a carefully-executed game of small ball poker. Eventual runner-up Inwook Choi eliminated Tran in third place before Allain took the title.

JC Tran, one of the members of the APT’s Poker Pack, finalised a great tour for them – David “Chino” Rheem lead Korea to victory in the inaugural JBET Battle of the Nations as well as taking down the NLHE rebuy side event.

WSOP bracelet-winner JC Tran said “It has been a great 12 day festival for The Poker Pack - it is disappointing not to take down the Main Event but congratulations to Alain, he played good poker and is a deserving champion. To take down such a major tournament for just $5 is quite something – there’s no doubt he has great potential.”

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