APT High Roller Champ Leads Main Event Field.

APT High Roller Champ Leads Main Event Field.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Due to those pesky time zones that come as a result of having a spherical planet in orbit of the Sun – damn you, Galileo! – the Asian Poker Tour’s $5,000 Main Event in Macau is currently playing through Day 2, in which Johnny Chan and Liv Boeree are both doing quite well.

However, since Bluff Europe doesn’t have the budget for a TARDIS we’re forced to bring you updates on the previous day’s action, in which 133 Day 1a entrants were reduced to just 37.

David Steicke leads the field, and has done for most of Day 1a. Early on he was fortunate enough to make the nut flush and double up against his opponent’s king-high flush, and later gave Kenny Tran a run for his money by calling a pre-flop 5-bet for 50BBs with just 99, holding against K6s.

Ian Frazer, Jay “SEABEAST” Kinkade and Michael Woo all made it though to the last 37 players also, each on an average stack of about 60,000.

Not so lucky were Mel Judah, Mansour Matloubi and Young Phan, who hit the rail before the day was called to a close. Almost 200 players signed on for Day 1b, pushing the prize pool to over $1.2m. The winner will take home the better part of $400,000 and both 10-time WSOP bracelet-winner Johnny Chan and Aussie Millions champion Stewart Scott are in serious contention, sitting in the top 10.

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