APPT Macau Chop

APPT Macau Chop

Monday, 12 November 2012

It’s well known that many poker players in Macau love to gamble and that fact was highlighted yesterday when the final two players in the APPT Macau Main Event decided to settle their match blind.

Having carved their way through 182 other players, China’s Xing Zhou managed to defeat Hong Kong’s Ying Kit Chan after a lengthy heads-up battle ended in an unexpected chop.

After battling back-and-forth for six hours, Zhou held the chip lead for the third time in the match. With the clocking ticking on and the outcome playing into the hands of luck than skill, the pair decided to split the remaining prizepool evenly between themselves and move all-in blind the next hand.

Despite the chip disparity, the pair seemed happy to do the deal and after moving their chips in without looking it was Zhou’s Td 6c that held the advantage of Chan’s 7s 5d. After the board ran out 9d 8s 3d 5s 7h, Zhou’s straight was enough to gift him the trophy and $454,807.

"After more than 6 hours of heads up play I was exhausted." said Zhou through a translator. "I felt the two of us were equal in skill so I'd let god decide who should take home the trophy.”

Overall the APPT Macau was an extremely popular event with players from all over the world, including “ElkY” and Eugene Katchalov amongst others, taking part in the two week festival.

1st: Xing Zhou (China) $454,807 (USD)*
2nd: Ying Kit Chan (Hong Kong) $457,807 (USD)*
3rd: Michael Kanaan (Australia) $221,923 (USD)
4th: Jacques Zaicik (France) $177,436 (USD)
5th: Alan Sass (United States) $144,231 (USD)
6th: Tsugunari Toma (Japan) (USD)
7th: Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) $99,872 (USD)
8th: Tom Alner (U.K.) $77,792 (USD)
9th: Henry Wang (Chinese Taipei) $55.474 (USD)
*denotes a deal*

Image care of Kenneth Lim @PokerStars.

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