ANZPT Muck Incident Causes Controversy

ANZPT Muck Incident Causes Controversy

Friday, 28 February 2014

The ANZPT Perth Main Event might be closing in on its final table but a controversial ruling on Day 1A has still got the poker community talking.

Involving Jim Collopy and a fumbled hand, the community has recently been discussing how the Australian government's attempt to micromanage live tournaments is causing a problem.

To give you a brief summary of the event, the following occurred with the board showing 6h Th 5d 2d Td: Collopy checked on the river and so did his opponent. However, before Collopy could reveal his two queens he slightly fumbled them in a forward motion; an action which caused the dealer to reach for the hand in order to muck it.

At this point Collopy tucked his cards in the rail to stop dealer from mucking his cards before he went on to call for the tournament director.
However, when the tournament director emerged he said he was powerless to overturn the state's ruling which reads:

"Any player at the showdown may pass their cards to the Dealer without disclosing them; in such circumstances that player shall not be eligible to win the pot. Moreover, fold means to surrender a hand facedown towards the Dealer or refuse to call a wager."

Despite pleading his case and receiving the backing of his tablemates, Collopy was eventually denied the pot but went on to urge PokerStars to "take responsibility for the integrity of [their] events."

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