A Poker Lecture at M.I.T

A Poker Lecture at M.I.T

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bagging a place at America’s prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) might not be within everyone’s grasp but thanks to poker players Will Ma and Mike “Timex” McDonald, you can get an insight into one of their course.

Having developed an academic poker syllabus last year, Will Ma is currently in the midst of teaching his second group of students eager to learn the mathematical nuances of the game.

Touching on subjects such as outs, bankroll management and statistics, the course features a host of guest lecturers, including EPT Champion, McDonald.
This week’s lecture was led by McDonald and focused on post-flop bet sizing and the factors which can influence it.

Any time you get the chance to peek into the mind of a player such as McDonald it’s worth it, so here is the first part of his impressive lecture.

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