90 Billion Not Out for PokerStars

90 Billion Not Out for PokerStars

Friday, 30 November 2012

It was a hand that everyone wanted to be dealt in on and after almost two weeks of waiting PokerStars’ 90 billionth hand finally dropped last night. Leading up to the milestone promotion the cash tables had been buzzing on the site with grinders from all sides of the community looking to bag some bonus cash.

A bevy of payments were handed out to players en route to Hand 90 Billion, but it was big one that all the players were waiting for.

A six-max $1/$2 table would be site for PokerStars’ biggest milestone bonus to-date. Just before the hand the action was paused, giving the players time to compose themselves before making one of the biggest all-in moves of their lives.

A total pot of $1,688 and six players with their cards on display was the scene as the board rolled out: Qh 7h 9c 4s 5d. When the dust had settled it was “m1sspiggy” who held the best hand with 7c 4c, scooping the pot plus an additional $66,380.

The other players at the table weren’t left out though as they split $162,150, each earning at least $14,000 for the hand.

With another monumental achievement reached it’s now time for PokerStars to start thinking about the 100 billionth hand and the inevitable slew of prizes they’ll be offering as it rolls over closer.

New players signing up to PokerStars via Bluff Europe can bag a first deposit bonus of up to $500.

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