888poker Adds New Tournament Feature

888poker Adds New Tournament Feature

Friday, 31 July 2015

Following a spate of unexpected disruptions, 888poker has installed a new "pause tournament" feature to help eliminate and problems for tournament grinders.

Throughout July the site has suffered a number of technical glitches which have resulted in a number of tournaments being disrupted.

However, in an effort to address any issues and continue improving its platform, 888poker has implemented a new system which allows it to manually pause MTTs if support staff notice any high levels of network disruption.

Operating in a similar way to systems used at other sites, such as PokerStars, the pause feature will give the tech team time to address any issues and attempt to resolve them without players having to lose their stacks due to the blinds.

According to the site's policies, any issues that can't be resolved in a timely manner will then be looked at in more depth which will require the tournament to be cancelled.

"On top of recent connectivity enhancements to nullify this issue, we have activated a 'pause tournament' feature that enables us to temporarily pause tournaments. We will resume activity once the network returns to normal behaviour or cancel tournaments altogether, ensuring players are automatically refunded in accordance with 888's disconnection policy," read a statement from 888poker.

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