888 Poker launches Pokercam games

888 Poker launches Pokercam games

Friday, 25 February 2011

Live poker players who like to pick up tells from their opponents will be able to do so in online games thanks to the latest innovation from 888 Poker.

The site has launched new Pokercam games in which players using webcams will be able to see the other players sitting at their table. 888 has also revealed details of a new 'Teams Tournament' feature that will enable players to join a virtual team in a regular tournament. In addition to the normal prize pool, players will also score points for their team with a proportion of the prize fund shared by the members of the winning side.

Hili Shakked, Director of Poker Offering, 888holdings, said "Through the addition of video streams to our hugely successful Poker 6 we are offering an even more personal, inclusive, and social environment. On top of this, the chance to play as part of a team in the Team Tournaments, provides a competitive edge that allows players to meet and play with other like-minded people."

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