359 players pay tribute to Justin Shronk in memorial tournament

359 players pay tribute to Justin Shronk in memorial tournament

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PokerRoad contributor and media guru Justin Shronk, who tragically passed away earlier this year, has had a memorial tournament hosted in his honour at Full Tilt Poker. The event also raised money for the new Justin Shronk scholarship at his alma mater of Temple University, Philadelphia.

“This whole tournament and the great turnout helped me realize that Justin lives on in the hearts of the many that he brought laughter to,” said his mother Kim Shronk. The scholarship on offer, newly established in Shronk’s name, helps students who have lost a parent. Shronk’s father died when Justin was still at school.

“I had a blast playing and I’m so happy that so many people showed up in honour of Shronk,” poker hostess Amanda Leatherman said on PokerRoad after her second place finish in the $10 tournament. “I’m sure he would have wanted me to win, but congrats to Matt Waldron (laughs). Thanks to all the PokerRoadies for rooting me on the entire time! We miss you ShronkDaddy!”
Leatherman will be donating her winnings to the scholarship, which was established in the summer when Shronk’s cousin, Brian Lemke, won $692,000 at the WSOP and donated $20,000 to the cause.

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