30 June release date for Bet Raise Fold

30 June release date for Bet Raise Fold

Monday, 3 June 2013

Viewers don't have long to wait now to get a look first look of the much anticipated new poker documentary Bet Raise Fold - The Story of Online Poker.

After bankrolling everything themselves, film makers Jay Rosenkratz, Ryan Firpo and Taylor Caby took to crowdsource funding site Kickstarter to try and raise the $20,000 needed to get the project distributed and the poker community showed its love by smashing the target in next to no time.

Bet Raise Fold will now be released digitally at BetRaiseFoldMovie.com on 30th June with those lucky enough to be at the WSOP able to enjoy the theatrical release at the Palms in Las Vegas on 12 June.

If you fancy being involved in the movie, there are still a number of investment packages available at Kickstarter.com starting from just $15 for 'a digital copy of BET RAISE FOLD: The Story of Online Poker, and special thanks in the credits! (***PLUS a code to access the digital Special Edition when it's ready)' right up to $10,000 for a producer credit. There's plenty available in between too.

For more behind the scenes information on Bet Raise Fold, be sure to read read producer Jay Rosenkrantz's in-depth feature on the making of the film.

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