2010 Irish Open final table set

2010 Irish Open final table set

Monday, 5 April 2010

The Irish Poker Open is almost over as quickly as it began – the second-oldest poker tournament in the world began before the weekend and a final table of eight has been reached, each player aiming for a first prize of €600,000.

Marty Wilson and Nik Persuad are just two of the UK tournament giants who made it into the money before hitting the rail short of the final eight. However, a tough table is awaiting those who return tonight to end the tournament.

Bluff Europe are rooting for London’s James Mitchell, and not just because he’s a London Poker Meetup player who we’ve met a couple of times. The young man has just come off the high of another GUKPT final table to add to his $250,000 in tournament earnings and this would be the cherry on the cake for him.

The full list of final table players and chip counts is as follows:

Seat 1: Peter Murphy -- 546,000
Seat 2: Ben Roberts -- 419,000
Seat 3: Edmund Sweeney -- 407,000
Seat 4: Santeri Valikoski -- 1,722,000
Seat 5: Rob Sherwood -- 497,000
Seat 6: Paul Carr -- 1,596,000
Seat 7: James Mitchell -- 1,155,000
Seat 8: Declan Connolly -- 735,000

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