WSOP Main Event Day 1d Update.

WSOP Main Event Day 1d Update.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A gigantic field came close to eclipsing last year’s overall field of 6,844 as 2,809 players battled it out for a gargantuan Day 1d. Rumour had it that hundreds more players wished to compete but even the vast halls of the Rio couldn’t accommodate them.

Some of the bigger names that fell included Michael Binger, Ray Romano, Chip Jett, Scott Clements, Scott Fischman, Sully Erna, David Williams, Jared Hamby, Ivan Demidov, Jeff Madsen, and Phil Galfond. There were 1,900 survivors of the day.

Prahlad Friedman, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Blair Hinkle, J.C. Tran, Jesper Hougaard, David Benyamine, Kirk Morrison, Chad Brown, Kenny Tran, and Phil Ivey. However the indisputable chip leader is Troy Weber, who finished the first day with an amazing 353,000 chips.

This occurred in one massive pot before the day’s end. Weber and his deep-stacked opponent raised a pre-flop pot to 15,000 and bet the Js-8h-3h flop. The 8d turn saw a bet, raise and a shove and after some contemplation Weber called off the 180,000 remaining. He flipped Ts-8s for trip eights, crushing his opponent’s QQ and shipping him the biggest pot of the WSOP so far.

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