Phil Ivey on ESPN E:60 – ballin out of control

Phil Ivey on ESPN E:60 – ballin out of control

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

With only three days until the World Series of Poker final table gets underway in Las Vegas, we here at Bluff Europe can’t get enough of the November Nine – as you’ve noticed, we’ve even devoted an entire little box on the homepage to them.

We especially can’t get enough of Phil Ivey, and within the poker community we are certainly not alone. That’s why we’re sharing this fantastic video with you – an ESPN feature documenting Ivey’s day-to-day life, including interviews with the rarely-talking deity.

Ivey begins his day by checking into the luxury villa at Foxwoods casino (so exclusive it can’t be reserved and is saved for the biggest gamblers) and wins over a quarter of a million dollars in 20 minutes of craps.

Then it’s on a plane to L’Casino d’Montreal where he plays for half an hour on his own personal $40,000 craps table, winning over $1m more before the ESPN interviewer rolls the dice and loses $240,000.

The video also has interviews with Ivey’s close friends and family, including his mother Pamela who confessed to thinking she had done something wrong when her son started spending all his time in the casino.

Oh, and Ivey said that on some occasions – when he was playing poker at Atlantic City for up to 18 hours a day – that he would lose all his money, a hundred miles from home, and sleep rough. It gives hope to us all.

Ivey starts the WSOP Main Event with just under 10,000,000 chips and is a 5/1 favourite to win the whole shebang.

Click here to see our exclusive interview with Phil Ivey and his thoughts on winning the Main Event.

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