Phil Ivey betting – WSOP November Nine outright favourite?

Phil Ivey betting – WSOP November Nine outright favourite?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Phil Ivey’s odds to win the World Series of Poker Main Event in a few days time have been slashed – Party Bets has cut his odds from 5-1 all the way down to 7-2, making him an outright favourite to win the Main Event despite being currently in 7th place.

Chip leader Darvin Moon has drifted from 3-1 to 4-1 although he holds almost one-third of the total chips in play with 57m in his stack. Antoine Saout has only one big blind less than Ivey but is a 16-1 bet.

A spokesman said: “Has the world gone mad? Ivey is a short stack and Moon is a massive chip leader with 30% of the chips in play. It just doesn’t make sense but the punters just keep coming for Ivey and we have had no choice but to make him favourite because of our large six figure liabilities and the consistent interest.

“There will be a lot of punters out there sweating Ivey and a lot of bookies praying that he doesn’t get the early double-up that is essential for him to make a remarkable comeback from seventh in chips. If Ivey achieves what punters think he can it will be the worst poker result in bookmaking history.”

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