November Two – it’s Moon vs. Cada for the title

November Two – it’s Moon vs. Cada for the title

Monday, 9 November 2009

After almost eighteen hours of play at The Rio, two players emerged from the November Nine – sadly, not Phil Ivey nor James Akenhead, but amateur poker player/professional logger Darvin Moon and online pro Joe Cada - who will face off tonight for the bracelet and over $8,000,000.

Joe Cada holds a chip lead of over 2.6:1 after eliminating French pro Antoine Saout in 3rd place, winning a coinflip with AK vs 88 to send his chip-stack to over 136m. Moon, by comparison, has a little over 50m; what he began the final table with.

For those of you who missed the coverage, we’ll be providing a detailed report of the final table instead of our usual weekend round-up. For those who don’t like to read too much – we’re amazed you got this far – then here is a list of how things turned out at the final table:

1. ??? ($8547,042)
2. ??? ($5,182,928)
3. Antoine Saout ($3,479,760)
4. Eric Buchman ($2,502,890)
5. Jeff Shulman ($1,953,452)
6. Steven Begleiter ($1,587,160)
7. Phil Ivey ($1,404,014)
8. Kevin Schaffel ($1,300,231)
9. James Akenhead ($1,263,602)

Click the following link to see our full final table report.

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