November Nine Profile - Steven Begleiter

November Nine Profile - Steven Begleiter

Friday, 31 July 2009

Steven Begleiter, third place in chips at the November Nine 2009, is a Senior Principal at investment firm Flexpoint Ford in New York City. Prior to joining Flexpoint Ford, he was a Senior Managing Director at infamous Bear Stearns & Co. where he was a member of the firm’s Management and Compensation Committee.

He does alright for money, and won’t be quitting his day job at any point in the near future. That said, he wants $8.5m just as much as anyone else – and he certainly has the chips to get it.

"I have no idea what I'm going to do in the next four months," Begleiter told the Associated Press. "I have a vacation planned with my wife, I got to get to Europe with her - she deserves a trip - decompress a little and not see a flop for a long time."

Begleiter won a poker league to pay for his $10,000 seat and a percentage of his winning will be divided between the players in that game once the tournament is completed on November 10th. He doesn’t deny he got very lucky to be at the final table, describing his Main Event journey as "dancing between raindrops in the middle of a minefield." Well, that’s just tournament poker.

Steven Begleiter is quick to admit that’s he’s been fortunate many times during the Main Event. However, he also says he is very much looking forward to returning to the felt and taking on the other eight for a shot at glory.

"We could have never imagined this," Begleiter's wife, Karen, said when reached by phone yesterday. "It wasn't like we were talking about what we are going to do if he wins. He never talked about winning. There are so many people [entered] so it just wasn't something that came up."

He will have to outlast crowd favourites Phil Ivey and James Akenhead if he is to reach poker stardom.

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