November Nine Profile - Antoine Saout

November Nine Profile - Antoine Saout

Monday, 17 August 2009

Of the nine players returning to the Rio for the final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, Antoine Saout makes up one of the two players there who aren’t American – he is from Saint Martin des Champs in Brittany, France. The other non-US player is, of course, Britain’s very own James Akenhead.

Come November 7th, 25-year-old Frenchman Saout will begin play with one of the shortest stacks; just $9.5m in chips. However, he can’t complain too much given that this is his first ever WSOP and he qualified for $50 via Everest Poker, who are now his sponsors.

Sandrine Mangia-Park, Everest's Poker Director, commented: "France is where
Everest Poker first launched and to have a French player on the final table who qualified with us is very exciting. He joins an increasingly well respected team of real poker players who all support each other in the biggest tournaments around the world."

Many on the site are now sharing in the success that Saout is enjoying; thanks to Saout’s breakthrough of being an Everest Poker player who made it to the “November Nine,” 51 players have earned a share of $1 million, which breaks down to roughly $19,000 per person.

Despite appearances, Saout is a far bigger threat at the final table than he looks – for the last three days of play prior to the final table, he was in the unfortunate position of being seated to Phil Ivey’s right. If you can survive that for three gruelling days of tournament poker, surely you can survive anything!?

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