Massive Action In Bobby's Room During WSOP Main Event

Massive Action In Bobby's Room During WSOP Main Event

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Phil Ivey is now the only Bobby's Room regular left standing in the WSOP Main Event, holding fourth place with $11.35m chips. This means the games have been heating up - the players still have poker on the brain and need a fix.

In his blog for CardPlayer, Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson described the scenes in Bobby's Room recently. It sounds absolutely mental. Million dollar pots, more nosebleed games than the room can accommodate and much more.

“I haven't seen games like the ones going on for years,” the poker legend said. “There are millions of dollars on the two tables in Bobby's Room every night. The high action games have even moved out into the main poker rooms because there are so many of them.

“I saw two 4-8 thousand mixed games, a 3-6k mixed game, a 2-4 mixed and a 2-4k blind pot limit Omaha going at the same time.”

The biggest winner, says Brunson, is a French businessman. As for where Dolly himself stands? “I know myself that I'm small winner but have played 3 pots with a million dollars in the middle. I won one, lost one, and split a huge pot with Patrik Antonius when we dealt the turn + river 4 times. I had a set against 2 pair bigger than my set and a flush draw.”

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