Joe Cada defeats Darvin Moon to win World Series of Poker 2009

Joe Cada defeats Darvin Moon to win World Series of Poker 2009

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Joe Cada is the World Series Of Poker Main event champion. After a much tougher heads up battle than many commentators anticipated, the 21-year-old finally saw off Maryland logger Darvin Moon after over 90 hands of play.

Motley Crue singer and poker aficionado Vince Neil got the final day off to a spectacular start, singing the announcement to shuffle up and deal. The action on the felt got off to a similarly high octane opening with Moon winning a big pot in the very first hand when his pocket queens outdid Cada’s pocket nines. Play then settled down into a steady back and forth with both players picking up small pots but neither able to land a decisive blow.

Moon, who admitted to having played heads up only a couple of times over the past few years, didn’t seem overawed by the occasion and eventually ground his way into a three to one chip lead just after the break. That was as good as it got for the 46-year-old though. Cada got back in contention after his two pair held up against Moon’s open-ended straight draw, a draw that would have given the logger the win. The youngster piled on the pressure thereafter, building up a healthy chip lead.

The end, when it eventually came, was swift. Cada on the button raised to 3m, Moon re-raised up to 8m, Cada double checked his cards and shoved with Moon making the call. Cada revealed a pair of nines and Moon QdJd for a classic race. A flop of 8c2c7s brought neither player any help. The turn was a Kh again helping no one. The final river card was a 7c giving Cada the pot, the win, the bracelet and the small matter of $8,547,042.

Cada, who becomes the youngest player to win the Main Event, was gracious in victory, thanking all of his supporters, congratulating the other members of the November Nine and getting the rail to show its appreciation to runner up Darvin Moon.

The final payouts were as follows:

1. Joseph Cada $8,547,042
2. Darvin Moon $5,182,601

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