Hellmuth Makes Another Big Main Event Entrance

Hellmuth Makes Another Big Main Event Entrance

Friday, 3 July 2009

Last year he showed up as an army general, with jeeps and models in camouflage representing each bracelet. Before that he crashed a racing car in an empty car park. This year, Hellmuth has announced his entrance plans.

Speaking via his Twitter account, Hellmuth revealed that he plans to arrive on Sunday at this year’s Main Event as Caesar – “with 100 models, 11 muses with body paint, a chariot with two horses and a drummer dropping rose petals.”

Given his penchant for arriving late to the WSOP Main Event, this could be quite distracting for the other players who will already be a couple of hours into what, for many, will be the biggest tournament of their lives.

No news yet as to whether he’ll crash the horses in the parking lot.

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