Hartwith's Vegas Report Part 3 : July 4th

Hartwith's Vegas Report Part 3 : July 4th

Monday, 6 July 2009

As I roll into week two of the trip here, it seems like a good time to reflect on what’s happened so far. As it turns out, surprisingly little. I’ve played only once since the last update, that being a $550 at the Venetian. Suffice to say I didn’t last long enough to even flirt with the idea of winning the top prize of $80k.

Since then, I’ve been spending more time back at the house with my friend who’s out here with me. For all Europeans who haven’t experienced the July 4th celebrations out here, it’s almost on a par with Christmas. The build up is long and every Chad & Truck is trying to sell you fireworks in preparation for the 2nd biggest night of the year. As such, I was massively excited when a big DJ who is friends with my housemate here, came over to give us 2 tickets to this ‘big party on the 4th.’

The 4th arrived and I was so set on a big night, I didn’t even bother playing poker for the day. Yes I know, pigs do fly. Instead, we decided to chill by the pool drinking beers in preparation for the massive firework display that would inevitably arise from the surrounding houses during the evening. So far so good.

Come 10pm we decided to get ready and make our way down to the club. It was only on the drive down that I studied the tickets in more detail. The night was named: “Seven Deadly Sins.” Ok, must just be a special theme tonight. The location: “Industrial Road.” Could be just an unfortunate name for a street that actually houses a really expensive set of clubs. My confidence was still high until I looked at the name of the ‘club’: “Erotic Heritage Museum.” Interesting. When I quizzed my housemate on this, he thought it must just be a big party going down at a strip club and maybe a few naked waitresses. No complaints from my end.

Upon arrival, however, this evidently wasn’t the case. The Industrial Road was very industrial, the Erotic Heritage Museum did exactly what it said on the tin, the only lie on the ticket was the Seven Deadly Sins. There were way more than seven. As we made our way through a museum complete with erotic images, statues and the like, it was clear we had come over dressed. By this I mean we came dressed. As such we drew attention to ourselves that was about as welcome as a steak in a veggieburger. Needless to say we made our exit without much hesitation. Certainly a 4th of July I’ll remember for some time…

On a poker note, I play the Main Event tomorrow after finally sorting out some money, so I’m very excited. In the mean time I’m off to a bbq being held at another friend’s house and then probably a long night’s sleep before the big dance begins tomorrow….wish me luck!

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