Doyle Backs Darvin Moon for WSOP Main Event

Doyle Backs Darvin Moon for WSOP Main Event

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Doyle Brunson knows a thing or two about poker. When he said he’d be backing Phil Ivey or Jeff Shulman to win the bracelet of bracelets in less than a week’s time, the poker world listened.

However, Doyle has changed his tune now. Not because of a gut feeling or new development, or because he sees the hunger in Darvin Moon’s eyes (that’s just wanting some home-baked ‘Merican apple pie) but simply business.

"I had to take Moon who has 5 times the chips of Ivey. Sorry Phil, I won’t be rooting for you now. Business is business,” said Doyle on his blog after revealing that Negreanu had taken Ivey in a must-win bet.

Doyle’s blog can be found at where he discusses the games at Bobby’s Room and, implants.

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