Darvin Moon heads the field

Darvin Moon heads the field

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Darvin Moon was not a name that immediately tripped off the tongue of the poker cognoscenti. That was until the 45-year-old’s spectacular performance at this year’s World Series.

Moon, who had never even visited Vegas before this year’s Main Event, has built up a stack of almost 60 million chips, over 24 million ahead of his closest rival.

The self-employed logger has been extremely honest in his appraisal of how the tournament has gone so far. "Everyone at this table is way better than I am," Moon said. "Something is helping me … It’s easy to play when you get hands like I was getting. It’s just unbelievable. It’s like a dream. I got pocket aces and flopped trips, and someone was betting into me.”

Moon has said that he will try and get back to something approaching his normal Maryland life in the run up to the final table. "As soon as I go home, I go back into the woods," Moon said. "When it's time to come out — I'll come out."

The other eight players had better watch out.

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