An Ivey Win at WSOP Could Crush Bookies

An Ivey Win at WSOP Could Crush Bookies

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mostly fear, not so much loathing in Las Vegas as Phil Ivey sets his sights on the bracelet for the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. Despite being a shorter stack, he his third favourite to win at 5/1 – by comparison, Antoine Saout who has only one big blind less chips is a 14/1 bet.

A spokesman said: “Ivey will be a terrible result for us and we think that the industry as a whole will have massive liabilities. A big name on the final table of the WSOP is always bad news for bookmakers and in fairness they don’t come much bigger than Ivey. 175/1 as a starting price for any player in a field of 6,494 players is short to say the least – his true odds could have been double that but we had to price him prohibitively short because punters back the name. We have our fingers crossed that he doesn’t pull off a remarkable comeback. The bottom line is that for us it has to be anybody apart from Ivey.

Ivey began play as a 175/1 bet, which dropped to 100/1 once in the money and kept plummeting since. Ivey himself stands to make millions in side bets alone if he takes the event down.

“I’m sure we’re not the only ones quaking in our boots – it doesn’t take long to get six figure liabilities with three figure prices,” the spokesperson said. “This would be the worst poker result for a bookmaker in history. Imagine the fear of those that Ivey may have backed himself with, they’ll make our concerns look trivial!”

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