‘The Razor’ Wins WPT Legends of Poker

‘The Razor’ Wins WPT Legends of Poker

Friday, 29 August 2008

The final six came, one conquered. John Phan was the only player of the six to have made it to a WPT final table before, and was in fact on the tail end of back-to-back appearances under the Lipscomb lights. When the studio was packed away it was Phan who was victorious, and $1,091,428 richer. Nice work, if you can get it.

The battle eventually came down to Phan and overnight chip leader Amit Makhija, who got stuck into a massive tug of war. Big pots went first one way, then the next, and it wasn’t until three and half hours of heads-up play concluded that the double WSOP bracelet winner added a WPT title to what has been an incredible year for Phan.

The final hand saw the title won as they often are – with a good old-fashioned coin flip. Traditionally the Kd-7d of Makhija would be 50-50 against the pocket threes of Phan. The way ‘The Razor’ is running right now though, that was more like a 70-30. Amit even picked up extra outs when the flop came Q-5-5, but when the turn and river brought bricks, Makhija was left with $563,320 for consolation.

Final-Table Results:
John Phan - $1,091,428
Amit Makhija - $563,320
Zachary Clark - $281,645
Paul Smith - $246,450
Trong Nguyen - $211,245
Kyle Wilson - $176,035

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