'Poker is Dying': Joe Hachem

'Poker is Dying': Joe Hachem

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Joe Hachem might not always have the sunniest disposition at the poker table, especially if he's lost a few pots, but according to him: "poker is dying".

Speaking in a recent video interview with our friends at Bluff.com the Australian former World Champion recently stated that the legacies of Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold have helped destroy the image of the Main Event winner. Moreover, he suggested the subsequent winners (with the exclusion of Jonathan Duhamel), have only been in it for the money and take themselves too seriously.

All this came out during a five minute interview in which he outlined his discontent with younger players he believes are causing the game to be less enjoyable for everyone.

Using Antonio Esfandiari as an example, Hachem explains that the reason he gets to play in the biggest games with rich business man is that they don't mind losing money when he is around. Because he's jovial and affable towards everyone, people don't mind playing with him because it's an entertaining experience.

In contrast, he notes that a lot of modern players are so consumed with the stats and when to 3-bet optimally that it's not a pleasure to play against for recreational players. In turn he feels this is the reason why poker is heading for a major downswing.

Hachem isn't all doom and gloom though as he did suggest that some players are now working to improve their table presence in an effort to make the game more exciting again.

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