“Ilari_FIN” wins biggest pot ever played on PokerStars

“Ilari_FIN” wins biggest pot ever played on PokerStars

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Omaha action is as hot as ever on PokerStars with players now making use of the 250BB $200/$400 tables, giving us six-figure buy-ins and huge pots. The artist formerly known as Ziigmund, Ilari “Ilari_FIN” Sahamies just last night won the largest cash game pot ever played on PokerStars, dragging in chips worth $428,000.

Sahamies opened the cutoff for $1,400 and received two calls, including one from bernard-bb in the small blind and Andreas Torbergsen on the button. Sahamies continuation bet a Ks-2h-3s flop and Torbergsen raised, eliciting a cold call from bernard-bb. Sahamies called to give us a $59,740 pot on the 9h turn.

Torbergsen bet the last $10,000 of his stack and bernard-bb raised it up to over $90,000. Sahamies called before the river completed a board of Ks-2h-3s-9h-3h and the rest of the money went in, bringing the pot to over $428,000. While his opponent revealed aces, Sahamies turned over A-K-6-4 with the vital hearts, giving him the nut flush and the monster pot.

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