$700k Milestone Hand Giveaway

$700k Milestone Hand Giveaway

Monday, 16 December 2013

A cash bounty of $700,000 will be given away at PokerStars over the next week courtesy of the site's latest Milestone Hand Giveaway.

Between today and 22nd December cash prizes will be awarded every one million hands, in any hand number that ends in six zeros. Half a million dollars will be won in the first 299 milestone hands with a huge $200,000 bonus to be awarded in the 300th and final milestone.

As usual, the players at the table, along with the winner of the key hand will pocket a share of the spoils. Prizes will be calculated based on a player's activity in the previous 49 hands leading up to the Milestone, plus the VPPs earned in the Milestone itself.

Even if you're not lucky enough to be on a table where a Milestone Hand is dealt there are still chances to win via Stake Share. Once the main prizes have been calculated, whatever is left from the prize pool will be shared between all players that were dealt into the same stake, betting structure and game type (for example $0.50/$1, No Limit Hold’em) at the exact time the Milestone Hand 300 is dealt.

Once again, the remaining prize pool will be split proportionally among all players based on the number of VPPs earned in the 49 hands leading up to Milestone Hand 300. A minimum of $100,000 is set to be paid out.

To be in with a chance of winning a prize you must be playing at a cash game table. Tournament and Zoom tables won't count.

You can keep an eye on the countdown to a milestone hand via a special counter at PokerStars which will count down from 1m to 0 each time.

To take part in the Milestone Hand promo, sign up for an account at PokerStars. New players are eligible for a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $400 as well as entries into $50,000 worth of freerolls.

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