'69FABIAN' Wins MicroMillions Finale

'69FABIAN' Wins MicroMillions Finale

Monday, 28 July 2014

The finale of the latest MicroMillions series at PokerStars came to a close earlier today and when the betting was over it was '69FABIAN69' who became the festival's biggest winner.

MicroMillions 8 has welcomed thousands of grinders over the last few days, but last night an impressive 57,886 hopefuls anted up $22 to play the Main Event.

Breaking the $1 million prizepool and pushing it to $1,157,720 meant the top prize reached $107,274.

As the masses dispersed and more than 8,500 players moved into the money it was '69FABIAN69' who gradually began to exert his dominance over the final few.

Indeed, by the time Brazil's 'dilimAA' had exited in third place for $57,619, the final two decided to strike a deal that would see the winner surrender $7,000 and gift it to the eventual runner-up.

As play got underway 'RoxyDeluxe' fought hard to clinch the title, but when the betting finally came to an end it was '69FABIAN69' that proved the most adept at winning pots.

Having dispatched with his final foe, the Hungarian grinder was able to celebrate his first MicroMillions win and a $100,668 payday.

MicroMillions 8 Main Event Final Result:

1. '69FABIAN69' - $100,668
2. 'RoxyDeluxe' - $85,216
3. 'dilimAA' - $57,619
4. 'smokinenny' - $42,233
5. 'sangfugl' - $30,957
6. 'Skomi11' - $22,702
7. 'stelsn' - $16,636
8. 'berge64' - $12,202
9. 'hotumatua' - $8,937

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