$3.8 million dollar pot for Tom Dwan in Macau?

$3.8 million dollar pot for Tom Dwan in Macau?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tom Dwan is still playing regularly in the Macau big game, and with pots reaching seven figures on a frequent basis we can see why. According to a report from PokerPortalAsia, his last haul was a staggering $3.8m USD in one pot.

Playing a game with blinds of HK$30,000/$60,000 (US$3,850/$7,700) and presumably with at least one or two straddles, Dwan and his opponent got all the money in on the flop of an A-T-2 board, building a pot of over HK$30,000,000.

Dwan had A-T against A-2 and no surprises on the turn or river lead to him scooping the monster pot. Unfortunately those are all the details available owing to the secrecy surrounding this Macau game.

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