€102,723 for a Bad Beat on Boss Media IPN

€102,723 for a Bad Beat on Boss Media IPN

Thursday, 26 February 2009

This morning. 2.12 am. Something happened while you were asleep... the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit on Boss Media's IPN Network on the Bad Beat Table 18 while 9 players were seated at the table.

Player oFFShore* was dealt in Jc,Jh but square19, who held Ad,Ac, wasn't going anywhere. The flop was As,Jd, Js, turn 2d and by the river, which turned an Ah, everyone was all in.

square19 won the €109 pot by hitting his quad Aces on the river, but oFFShore* with Quad Jacks hit the Bad Beat Jackpot.
oFFShore* earns a lofty €102,723 with the Bad Beat Jackpot, while square19 gets €51,261. The other 7 players dealt into the hand each received €7,337.

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