Thursday, 19 February 2015

Brazilian star takes to the poker table.

Just when Cristiano thought he might be stood firmly in the limelight as the most famous Ronaldo by winning the Ballon d’Or, his 38-year-old namesake and Brazilian football legend decided to sit down at the PCA. Four days later, and with poker fans, commentators and even his enemies at the poker table enjoying his remarkable run, Ronaldo beamed a smile as wide as the ocean outside.

Making Paradise Island his own personal playground, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was not simply happy to make up the numbers by hosting the world’s biggest queue for a selfie. Displaying deftness we haven’t seen since the 2002 World Cup Final, the ‘original’ Ronaldo ran rings around many opponents in the Main Event, finishing 26th out of 816 players for a cash of $42,180.

With a rail that included Sergio Gardia, Ronaldo brought his A-game to the fore, and was never scared to get all of his chips into the middle. Not only did he show an eye for a good pass, but he did it all with a permanent grin that lasted way beyond his exit hand.

He may not have conquered Atlantis and won the trophy, but Ronaldo’s tilt at the title gave every poker fan plenty to cheer about. Now, if we can just persuade him that our home game is worth him swapping the Bahamas for…

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