Halloween at High Stakes

Halloween at High Stakes

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pros get a zombie makeover.

If you think about it, zombies and poker players have a lot in common. They're both mildly sunlight-resistant groups who are aggressive, at times slightly frowned upon by society, and hungry for what they want (whether that be a fat stack of cash or a flavoursome medley of brains). In fact, the similarities were so striking to us at Bluff Towers that we decided to take a quick break from bravely pushing the boundaries of poker journalism, and see what some of our favourite pros would look like with a little undead makeover - and if you ask us, some of them are just a little bit too convincing. Our poker nightmares are normally about that time when we misclick-folded aces in a three-bet pot, but now we're not so sure.

Boeree Trickett Zombies

Zombies Blom and Brunson

Cody and Ivey Zombies

Images courtesy of the The Walking Dead app.

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