133 Seconds with Natasha Sandhu

133 Seconds with Natasha Sandhu

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Is she on Santa's naughty or nice list?

Tell us a Christmas cracker joke
Why is Santa Claus always so happy? .........Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

Ha! Very good. So which Christmas films will you be watching this year?

Every single blooming one that's ever been made because my mum has been watching a Christmas 24 channel since the beginning of November!!! But my favorite to watch out of choice is Elf.

Which Christmas song will you be singing along to this year?

I always, always sing along to "Deck the Halls" .. except for some reason when I sing it, it comes out.."deck the halls with balls of holly" (instead of boughs). I can't break the habit now, so its stuck.

What's the best present you've ever received?

My brother never knows what to buy me, and last year he bought me a huge box full of dog chews, toys, treats and blankets ( for my dogs, not me... I hope). My dogs were so happy all day - it made me really happy, and that's what Christmas is about. :)

It's also about rubbish presents too, any memorable bad ones?

I once got a button from my auntie. I don't know what it was for - or what it was from. It was just a button.

Do you have a good poker face for pretending to like awful presents?

Yes I like to think I do, I think I have always pulled it off anyway. I'm probably not going to get away with it so easily once people have read this though, haha.

If you had to give a complete stranger a gift, what would it be?

A puppy. Who wouldn't be happy with a puppy! (As long as they knew a dog is for life not just for Christmas)

Will there be a friendly game of poker around the Christmas tree?

No, not poker. My family only know how to play snap!! We are more of a charades and get drunk kind of family.

Would you rather fight 8 duck sized reindeers or one reindeer sized duck?

Ahhhhh.. a duck sized reindeer where can I get one of them?! They would be so cute! I'd rather not fight any of them but I would be scared of a reindeer sized duck. So probably the duck sized reindeers. I would kick them!

Finally, will you be on Santa's naughty or nice list this Christmas?

Naughty - But the reasons are staying strictly between me and Santa.

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