133 Seconds with... Kara Scott

133 Seconds with... Kara Scott

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bluff Europe interviews Kara Scott

What’s your most treasured possession?

After a life spent moving from country to country I’ve learned to live a fairly spartan life without too many possessions. It’s amazing how little we actually need. My most prized possessions are the photo albums I’ve had made to document this crazy life. The memories they jog are the real treasures.

What lessons has poker taught you about life?

A bad beat story depresses everybody in the equation: the person who has to listen to it, the person telling it, the people fleeing in terror lest they be forced to listen to it next. Positivity is a much better way to live.

Who's your poker hero?

Phil Galfond. He’s indisputably, ridiculously good at poker. I like how he's not afraid to put hard work into things. Plus, he comes across as a genuinely nice, interesting, humble guy who thinks about the important questions in life. I love his blog and talking with him is always a pleasure.

What’s the shittest job you ever had?

I spent a summer as a chambermaid in the sports dorms at the University of Calgary. Athletes are disgusting. Seriously. And a surprising number of them have nits.

What's the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen at the poker table?

The craziest stuff is always the stuff that I can't talk about without pissing people off. Sorry! My lips are sealed. I’m a vault.

Pffft! Can you tell us a joke?

How many ears does Spock have? Three. A left ear, a right ear and the final front ear. Hey, you didn't say that it had to be a GOOD joke.

Sorry, next time we will be more specific. Do you believe in God?

Not in an “organised religion” kind of a way. I think there’s probably far more to life than meets the eye, but cramming that into narrow definitions doesn’t sit well with me.

What’s the biggest bluff you've ever made in life?

The first time that I got a job working in television was a total fluke. I had no experience, no idea what I was supposed to do and had never even been interested in television before. Of course, I didn't tell THEM that. Over the next few years, I realised that many successful people bluff their way into their careers. Work really hard and fake it till you make it

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