133 Seconds with Jamie Sykes

133 Seconds with Jamie Sykes

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bluff Europe's Podcast host.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen at the poker table?

When the eccentric former Real Madrid player Royston Drenthe was staring me down in a pot, whilst getting a particularly oily full body massage from two masseuses at the same time. Oh, did I mention that he was topless?

What's the last text message you've received?

"Ok sorry, let’s keep to the original plan, can only shift it earlier if we eat super sharpish".

Who's the best looking guy in poker?

I have to go with the stock answer of Patrik Antonius. Dem cheekbones.

If you were running for PM in May, what would your slogan be?

“It appears that the world has forgotten that we are all people first and foremost. I haven’t.”

What's the worst thing about being Northern?

Sean Bean’s inability to stay alive in any film or TV show.

If you could have a non-poker hero on the Bluff Europe podcast, who'd it be?

The late Christopher Hitchens would be my all time favourite, but if we must stick to the living, I’ll say Stewart Lee.

Give us some dirt on your co-host Ash Mason?

The bond between co-hosts cannot be broken. Well at least not by the amount you’re paying me.

Can you tell us in one word, how it felt to be knocked out of Late Night Poker in the very first hand?


Would you rather fight ten duck size horses or one horse size duck?

Ten duck sized horses. It’s close, but I think I have more chance of picking them off one at a time than I do killing a giant musclebound duck with a beak the size of a car bonnet.

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